“100% Venda, 100% Tswana or 100% Zulu”

“100% Venda, 100% Tswana or 100% Zulu”

Is a person who is driving a car with a sticker that has those words, really perpetuating tribalism?

At what point do we acknowledge that the person might just be really proud of his/her heritage? Is it really backwardness for one to say they are 100% this or that tribe?

Not so long ago Mbeki and Maphele told all and sundry that displaying such stickers only allows what the apartheid rulers started with Native Act and Group Areas Act, to carry on.

Could the honourable Mbeki be suffering from Short Term Memory? for I don’t see how one can quickly forget the words from one of Africa’s famous Speeches called “I am an African”.

I quote

“I am a grandchild of the warrior men and women that Hintsa and Sekhukhune led, the patriots that Cetshwayo and Mphephu took to battle, the soldiers Moshoeshoe and Ngungunyane taught never to dishonour the cause of freedom.”


Can one who finds richness in his ancestral heritage be ridiculed for showcasing his/her proudness? Many say that Apartheid stripped off many in this country their identity and dignity, are we now saying those who display their tribalistic lines are suffering from some kind of a Pavlov Syndrome?

Must everyone be forced to believe in a dream called Rainbow Nation and act as if before 1994 they never had a past? Are we so eager to forge a new nation to a point that we must pretend we don’t have a rich history?

They say freedom comes with responsibility and one has to wonder if we are not bordering on Irresponsibility


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