happy Birth day

7 years ago, this day we met
Both of us behind a glass barrier
I watched you in an incubator
I wondered if this is it

As the nurse said the dreaded words
I trembled both from fear and a massive babalaas
Hearing her say “Sir you may hold him”
Opened my heart to a new world

As your tiny hand held my finger
I knew a connection has been made
I listened to your mouth screaming melodic sounds
Your body odour became the sweetest smell I’ve smelt

My ancestors trusted me with you
As your tiny feet moved
They moved your heart into mine
I became one with love

Tears of joy rained down on me
They watered the little love I had
As I held your tiny body
You completed me

To the Dutie who changed my life
To the Dutie who heals me
To the Dutie Meister himself
Happy Birth Day my punkin


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