Open letter to Ronnie Kasrils

Dear Mr Ronnie Kasrils

I’ve just read your “confession” about the ANC’s Faustian pact and have to wonder why the delayed utterings. As you may know, people in the townships have always been saying you and your ilk sold us a dud.

Each year the murmurings from black people have been about the illusive freedom that you, Mandela and the rest have been preaching about. The patience of the people has been sickening (for me that is).

You are of the opinion that the Born Free generation enjoy the dignity of being born in this country and are the future torchbearers. The Born Free wonder where is the so called freedom their aunties, uncles, grannies and grandpas got arrested, maimed and killed for. I think that’s just silly of you to push the burden onto the young ones to sort your mess.

If you and your posse had done things right first time around, we would not be in this dwang. Its just absurd of you to come out now and tell us you guys stuffed up.

It is always said that Franklin D. Roosevelt once supposedly said:

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”


Its been over 19 years and all of a sudden you have a Damascene experience, could it have to do with the upcoming elections.

You say and I quote

“Most shameful and shocking of all, the events of Bloody Thursday – 16 August 2012 – when police massacred 34 striking miners at Marikana mine, owned by the London-based Lonmin company. ”


What is most shameful and shocking for me is knowing that you lot sold our country’s freedom to the highest bidder.

You imply in not so many words that the country didn’t need to take the IMF loan. If that is the case then logic dictates to me that maybe individuals as opposed to the country stood to gain more by taking the loan

Is this what freedom fighting was all about?. With that said the words of Smuts Ngonyama come to mind when, I quote

“I didn’t join the struggle to be poor”


Did the country take a knock so that a few greedy bunch can amass riches?, You lot fed the country a pile of lies while pacifying us into accepting a phantom freedom.

Lastly you have the nerve to say the president and his ministers are locked in a culture of cover-up, when it took you years to tell us the truth.

The country STILL does not know the true costs of the Arms Deal, which you championed as the Deputy Minister of Defence. So before you throw stones, howsit about you get out of your glass house..


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