All natural

We are all equal
None above the other
None lesser than the other
We are all humans

My weaknesses are others strength
My strength the weakness of others
We’re no different from a chain
Our strongest points are also our weakest

We are all linked to the common cause
The one that has been adhered to since our cradle days
The one that keeps waking us each day
The one called LIFE

The being called humans
Are all linked
For we are one
The world over

I refuse to bow to the next
For I am equal to the next
I am part of them while they are part of me
Nature never created me by chance

I am a product of my ancestors
Those who roamed the world over
I am a aftermath of the trials and errors
I am their Frankenstein Monster

Through me , nature personifies its melodies
I’m second to none
I am nature’s pride
I am nature’s avantgarde.


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