Four Four, Masihlalisane
Mageze’ mpompini seated on the driver’s seat
He barks the command loud
Like an Australian sheep farmer

A grand old lady buys a snuff packet
Telling her fellow traveller, she needs it for church tonight
“Hallelujah” the fellow traveller smirks
As the snuggliy enter the taxi

After spitting out Voetsek for the third time
Reasons, unknown
He jerks his taxi to life
While passengers still wonder who he was swearing at.

A bit of Masimba here and there
Reassures passengers, that the man has vast experience in the field
Shuffling on the seat for a better bum placement
He accidental exposes his plumber’s cleavage

While the driver’s armpits are at full swing
Emitting stuff the USA is banning Iran from having
He is busy chatting up the lady next to him
The petite soul almost needing a CPR from lack of oxygen

As the taxi drives on the yellow lane at the speed of light
Someone let’s out a fart, that reassures everyone they are still alive
Since opening windows isn’t allowed
The man gets a couple of Nxa’s

As the taxi reaches the High Accident Zone
Mageza’s right foot willingly steps on the accelerator pedal
Coincidentally, its when the song reaches its chorus
The O’jays belting out “I’m on a stairway to heaven”

While the driver is testing his non-K53 skills
In Heaven, the peak hour starts
Prayers from the taxi inundate St Peter’s
Asking for a life extension

One lady at the back seat places her hand on the fellow Priest passenger
He quickly removes it
Giving her the “you on your own” look
While he prays silently

Even thou its winter, the one fellow passenger is wet
Sweating like Usain Bolt after a race
His dear life holding on
Like a drunkard to the last beer at a shebeen

The lady who bought the snuff packet
Now snorting it like a seasoned cocaine addict
Calls on all her ancestors to intervene
While promising to slaughter a goat by friiday

The first passenger shouts ” Shot left”
The wet one now dries up
Knowing freedom is nearer now
He knows he will see the promised land.

As the snuff lady is about to get off
She gives the driver one look and Nxa comes out
“How a bloody taxi ride, just cost me a pack” she mutters to herself
As she bangs the door

The petite one, now in a semi-comatose state
Forgets her destined bus stop
While agreeing to everything Mageza is saying
Thanks to his mind altering armpits


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