Free at last, Free at last
Thank God almighty
We are free at last
The words still audible
Loud like a Lion’s raw in the Serengeti

We may take long to realise his dream
The long walk to freedom took time as well
Some got lost along the way
His dream won’t be lost with them
We are still holding on to the imiMkhonto ye Zizwe

His words still reverberates
As if he is still amongst us
Yes Martin Luther King jnr was lost during struggle
Death may have silenced him
But his dream never lost the struggle

Biko and Machel’s deaths never killed the dream
Nujoma and Qaddhafi kept the fires burning thou
The road going forward is still clear
Aluta Continua
The promised land will be reached

As we match along to the promised Utopia
The one Nkrumah never saw
The dream is still intact
The one Mbeki hoped for in Timbuktu
We shall overcome

All this shall happen in our life time
From the Karoo to Western Sahara
In all of  Africa and beyond
Freedom will prevail
We shall live his dream


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