If music is food for the soul
Let the African child continue playing the beats
For life without an african beat is like meat without salt
A picture without colour

Let’s allow the Djembe to bellow out
From Cape to Cairo
Let’s free the Kiring to scream out loudly
From Bamako to Kinshasa

May songs of those who went through the Door of No Return
Be heard world over
Let the harmonic voices of those who boarded La Amistad
Be heard forever

Let Amazion circle rhythmically with ecstasy
Allow Sangomas to beat that twasa drum with vigour of Ashanti Warriors
let Black Coffee free the Bantu with his inner sounds
Let the beat go on and on and on and on

Hear the vocal sounds of the Mansa of Mali
Wherever you maybe
Luanda, Harare, Maputo or Timbuktu
The area code doesn’t really matter

Dance like there’s no tomorrow
For the African beat has no time limit
It is the heart beat of world
Let it rain on you like Modjadji’s rains

Let it flow in you like the great Nile
Experience its wonders like Mosi oa Tunya
As you imbibe the tunes of the goura
May your soul be nourished.


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