My Africaness

I feel the pain Biko, Machel, Sankara and Lumumba felt.
I see the machete people
that left a scar on the Rwandese

I feel the joy of a beautiful African lady giving birth in a Congo village.
I watch the bravery of a African father protecting his family

Each water droplet of the Nile flows through my very own veins
Each sand grain of Sudan feeds my soul

I’m angry at the death of Diallo, Hani, Sobukwe and Morena Moshoeshoe
I’m ecstatic at the thought of Nerffetiti, Queen Modjadji and the powerful Ngola

I feel the fear of those who are inside the Amistad
I’m proud of the bravery of those inside the SS Mendi

I marvel at the brains of Cheik Anta Diop, Fanon, Du Bois and Nyerere
I bow at the shadows of Great Zimbabwe, Timbavati White lions and graceful Masai


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