Eye to eye , face to face
The smile so distinct
The joy palpable
We both knew

As you came my way
The excitement got the better of me
The brakes in me snapped
It was pure bliss

Your beautiful smile
The perfect oval face
Your body odour
My being was in awe

As I got closer
I froze with ecstasy
Looking at you close was an honour
I bowed at your presence

Yes , my heart said
An electric charge went through my body
Couple of houses could be lit up with that charge
I was just amazed at what I was seeing

Your were so so so beautiful
All I could do was smile
Holding you for the first time
I felt the warmth

Even before you were born
I knew you were meant for me
You are mine and that won’t change
My heart belongs to you

I have belonged to you since
Not seeing you pains me
But loving you keeps me sane
I miss you so much

Thoughts of you keep me awake at night
When we meet it will be pure happiness
Your visits in my dreams are such pleasurable
My arms can’t wait to hold you again

I will not stop loving you pumpkin
Such a precious gift deserves my undying love
I smile knowing you are somewhere safe
Till we meet again


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