Sunrays slowly retreating back home
Last of them punching the skin with toddlers strength
Witnessing nature’s orchestra at play
Amber sky slowly taking over
This is not to be missed

The orangeness of the sun now in full swing
Hadedas flying above providing a perfect soundtrack
Every organ of nature playing its part
A well choreographed routine
I applaud

All the little pieces combining spectacularly
Dogs barking at passing cars
Cats readying themselves for the night’s hunt
Kids laughter audible on the streets
Mother nature is in full glow

A slight breeze hovering around
Leaves flowing with ease
Rodents making a beeline home
Car headlights now visible
The sun waves farewell

I’m helplessly amazed by the sunset
I silence myself to absorb all this
This beauty penetrates my soul with easy
I become one with nature
I become nature


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