The journal

My body and soul, the journal of my ancestors
My true self, never learned in a class room
Only the ignorance of the arrogant was learned there
My knowledge, imbibed from my Mother’s breasts

The milk from those breast fed my thirst for information
I am born to lead
Being a follower my DNA never allows
I was taught to teach

My growth, an extension of Africa itself
My pigment, a cherished badge of honour
My brains, a sponge for knowledge
My being, a reincarnation of those who gave birth to the great race

Watching my brothers and sisters
Home and in the Diaspora
I know my existence is not an error
For I was born to share

I am finally accepting my calling
I am a child of the gods
They who granted me my gifts
I’m their legacy personified

An African through and through
My blood flows though this great continent
I am a San, a Khoi, Berber, a Nubian
I’m all of them


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