Time stands still
Space becomes bigger
Softly they touch
All bodily functions lose their purpose
The shared kiss has changed everything

As nature takes over, he starts wondering
While she is caught in the moment
Tears start to flow
Could this be what love is
Could this be a chance of a lifetime

As his feet start to wobble
Breathing sporadic, like a Hailey’s comet
Heart pounding, like a ghettoblaster
He closes his eyes
He trys hard to absorb all in

Her hands shaking like jelly
Trying hard to concentrate on the now
All her senses lost in space
Her body floating like a celestial being
Alien is what she feels

If you are lucky, you will feel it once in your life
They both wonder if its thats the feeling
They wonder if this is true love
Only few get a chance to experience it
Only few get to float without being lifted

As their breathe moves to and fro
Deliberately bypassing their thoughts
Like a good surgeon
Slowly and intricately penetrating their souls
They are speechless


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