Who am i

I am at peace
My heart has settled again
The restless has left my body
I’m now free again

The epicentre of my soul
The cradle of my being
The home of my joy
I have seen

Who am I is not my choice
What I became predestined
What I was, a lost student
I have found me again

Each morning I rejoice
Knowing I’m getting closer to my designation
For my birth was never a mistake
So too is the life I’m living

My ancestors sent me here
To continue the work they started
The one my offsprings will carry on
That I thought was a burden

Each day I learn about myself
While I embrace who I really am
The one who carries the DNA of thousands of souls
I am a son of my ancestors

What is in me can not be taken
I was born this way
I never planned to be this way
But I am who I am


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